Part 1

-Krishna is praying to the lotus feet of manjaris to pacify the mana of Srimati Radhika
-To glorify our ishtadevi Srimati Radhika is our main thing
-If you follow all the dharma, ashramas, varnas, but you don’t do hari-bhajana and don’t have taste to hari-katha, then everything is useless
-On how Devaki and Vasudeva obtained Krishna as their son
-Difference between avirbhava and janma of Krishna
-About Drona and Dhara
-Kamsa’s plans to kill Krishna
-Kamsa in Vrindavana
-Lila of Krishna stealing butter
-Story of a miser who was doing mental seva to Makhanchor
-Deliverance of Nalakuvera and Mahigriva
-Appearance of Srimati Radhika

Part 2

Part 3

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