Part 1

-Jivas should do the smaran of Krishna.
-About Samadhi, Smarana, Dhyana, Dharana
-Chitta isn’t fixed then the mind will wander. Once fixed slowly swaroop manifests.
-By practise & renunciation the mind has to be controlled.
-Dronacharya’s test to Pandavas & kauravas to hit an arrow to a bird’s eye.
-Due to asat sanga, the mind won’t be fixed & stable.
-Make the mind stable. If you aren’t strong in siddhanta one gets disturbed.
-Savikalpa samadhi, Nirvikalpa samadhi(Advaitavadi), Sahaja samadhi
-Srimati Radhika sees only Krishna everywhere. It’s not possible for a sadhaka
-Tatastha mood of Shukadeva Gosvami
-kauna mero shyama dekho – O Lalite, have you seen My Prana-Govinda?
-Krishna regards Radharani as His guru
-Kanishtha-adhikari does not want to hear tattva-siddhanta

Part 2

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