-Question: What does it mean when it is said that a jiva will stay in ishvara-saujya forever? 

-Question and doubt are not the same thing. Question is when you do not understand something. Doubt is when you know tattva-siddhanta but cannot come to a conclusion. Doubt is dangerous.

-Kamat, deshat, bhayat, snehat, sambandhat, bhakti

-Puranjan and Puranjani

-3-year old Srimati Radhika cooks for Durvasa Muni

-Lomaharshana’s son Suta Gosvami got mercy of Baladeva Prabhu

-False and true symptoms of rati and bhava-dasha

-If you do not follow varnashrama-dharma, Bhakti-devi will be very far from you

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