-Holy names are transcendental.
-Holy Names destroy all anarthas & sinful activities from hearts of baddha jivas.
-In Kali yuga Nama Sankirtan is powerful.
-Story of a small bird losing its eggs in ocean waves & taking shelter of Garuda.
-What kind of thinking makes aparadha towards diety & Gurupada padma.
-When service mood comes then guru & Krishna will automatically manifest in your heart & you will realize.
-When you completely absolutely surrender you will realize.
-Bhakta pada dhuli, Bhakta pada jala ,Bhakta bhukta sesha.
-Sadhu , guru cuts all the knots with Hari Katha.
-Story of a teacher who charges less for a student who dont know anything & more for someone who says he knew many things.
-Story of a wolf killing a sheep to illustrate how mayavada kills jivas.
-Imp of simple faith(saralatha) & sraddha.
-Read Jaiva Dharma again & again under suddha vaishnava guidance.
-Blind faith vs simple faith.
-Jnana & Vijnana. Lord Narayana with Brahmaji.
-When you chant you will come to know How HolyName is Chintamani.
-Srila Vamana Goswami Maharaj praying to Srila BhaktiSiddhanta Saraswatipad while writing commentary.

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