• Bhakti is about a deep attachment to the Lord
  • 2 symptoms of anuraga
  • Without the knowledge of one’s transcendental form one cannot directly serve Krishna
  • Sadhaka should get rid of all anarthas and then meditate. Otherwise there will be no meditation just sense gratification
  • Story of a man who took diksha from young attractive lady
  • One’s bhajana should be opened only to gurupada-padma
  • Krishna tries to settle the dispute between the Kauravas and the Pandavas in a peaceful way
  • Duryodhana wants to arrest Krishna but Krishna shows him His universal aishvarya form
  • Arjuna sees Krishna’s universal form
  • Do not take intoxicants and do not commit offenses
  • Ajamila never criticised any Vaishnava
  • You can chant less holy names but do not commit offenses to Vaishnavas
  • Nityananda Prabhu sells the holy names in return for shraddha
  • Those who do not have harinama and diksha should not cook in the temple kitchen. Engage them in cleaning the temple, dishes, etc
  • Laukiki-shraddha, paramarthiki-shraddha
  • Bhaktis to bhagavad-bhakta-sangena parijayate
  • Aradhya radha padambhoja renum
  • How to become radha-dasi
  • Harinama, diksha should be received only from a sadguru
  • In the spiritual system there should not be any ritvika. No one can give harinama and diksha on behalf of the other
  • Seva to Ananga Manjari is very confidential

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