-Lord gives us a tongue to glorify Him.
-What happens if tongue & mind isn’t used to glorify the Lord.
-Vrindavan description at the end of summer & start of rainy season.
-Kavi karnapura, Ananda Vrindavan Champu & in goswamis grantha rainy season katha is described.
-Married gopis going to fathers place from father-in-law’s house.
-In Chaturmasya sadhus don’t travel & stay in one place & discuss Hari Katha.
-If you want to be a vrajavasi you have to be born in Vrindavan.
-Krishna likes rice mixed with yogurt as described in Srimad Bhagavatam.
-Brazil traditions are similar to Vraja.
-In Yavat Srimati Radhika is waiting for Her brother Sridhama to come & take Her to Varshana.
-Varshana means shower of divine Love of Srimati Radhika.
-Cowherd person conveying message of Srimati Radhika to Her parents.
-Beautiful footprints of Srimati Radhika in Yavata & why they formed.
-When Krishna played the flute the stone melted & His footprints were there.
-Sridhama meeting his sister Srimati Radhika in Yavata & taking Her back to Varshana

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