-Mahaprabhu’s instructions to the Six Gosvamis
-Amar and Santosh are former names of Rupa and Sanatana
-Rupa and Sanatana become prime minister and financial minister of Hussajn Shah
-Sakara Mallik and Dhabir Khas were the new Muslim names given to Rupa and Sanatana by Hussajn Shah
-Rupa and Sanatana meet Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and are given Rupa and Sanatana names from Him
-The joke about the husband praising his wife’s cooking for the first time in his life, but it turned out to be the neighbour’s cooking
-Rupa and Sanatana persuade their brother Anupama to worship Radha-Krishna instead of Sita-Rama
-Svarupa is constant. Even God cannot change it
-Why should we be vegetarians and eat only pure food?


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