-If food is not pure how can you understand Bhagavan.
-By doing Naam one day mind will be fixed.
-Naam is sadhana & sadya.
-Keep the house pure & don’t make it a graveyard.
-We have to do as per time, place, circumstances.
-This body is temple & we have to have marks of Bhagavan on it.
-About Tilak marks applied on the body.
-Yashoda Mayya in vatsalya bhava remembers all dwadasa devatas & applies Tilaka on Krishna.
-If tilak is on your forhead Yamadutas wont touch you.
-Bhagavan feels pleased if you put on tilak.
-Mind also will become pure due to tilak.
-By having tilak we will have the abhimaan of Vaishnava.

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