-The gopis’ husbands could not stop them as their heart was taken by Krishna
-Statues of the gopis were kept in the house and real gopis came to meet Krishna
-Definitions of raganuga and ragatmika
-Ahamgraha upasana: never think that you are Yashoda, Lalita or Vishakha
-Peculiarities of raga-bhakti
-Lila of Srimati Radhika crying for Krishna but pretending She was crying because of the smoke in the kitchen
-On Vrajavasis’ ability to do several difficult things at once
-Yogamaya creates a statue of Srimati Radhika cooking in Yavat but original Radha is cooking for Krishna in Nandagaon
-Lila of a gopi who had forgotten about the rotis on the fire and ran to Krishna
-Nitya-lila and naimittika-lila in Vrindavan
-Lila on how Jatila and Kutila started undressing supposedly Srimati Radhika and in fact undressing Subala. Faces of Jatila and Kutila shrinkled as an old eggplant
-Text 21-22: gopis giving milk to children does not mean breastfeeding them. So they were not their own children
-Gopis’ husbands had no clue where their wives were going
-The tricks of the false sadhus
-All planets and nakshatras will be happy with you if you chant the holy names


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