-Kaliya daman lila & Giriraj Govardhan uplifting are special.
-kaliya remembering Krishna Katha from his & surrendering to Him.
-Sat sanga effect will be on degraded people. Eg: Sandalwood.
-Bhagavan says if anyone comes in His dhama they will not go out.
-Why then kaliya is sent away from dham?
-Kaliya also asked to be as Lord’s anklet.
-Kaliya dragged Krishna’s boat with gopis.
-Gopal Bhatta Goswami rejects Hit hari for not following sastras.
-Prabhodananda Sarasvatipad gave him shelter which our acharyas didn’t accept.
-Without following vidhi marg one cannot enter into Raga marg.
-From where did Kaliya get fortune which Laxmi Mata, Brahma , Shiva also didn’t get.
-Kaliya’s previous life as king suffering from stomach pain.
-2 santa mahatma’s cursing each other to become a crow & kaliya


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