-Gopis state after hearing Krishna’s Vamsi with Klim sound.
-Krishna has stolen the mind of gopis.
-Gopis aren’t looking at each other & running towards Krishna.
-Gopis are slender & their Rupa Madhurya is also described.
-Bhakti’s characteristic is utsahat(enthusiasm) , nischayath(determination) , dairyath(patience). Gopis running with all this.
-Krishna is thief or dacoit? He is a dacoit.
-By listening to Govinda’s vamsi gopis left their work.
-Regarding the children that gopis fed milk.
-Did gopis ever met with their husbands?
-Lila of Krishna becoming a gopi & wandering in forest with her husband.
-Only those gopis for whom anuraga has developed has gone to Krishna.
-Joke about how a Bengali gives a Britisher an itching plant.
-Whether it is understood or not sravan has to be done.
-Hari Katha is medicine.
-When one gets ruci or nishta one will not give up.
-About Sankalpa & swasti vachan.
-Tattva vichar is the foundation & then rasa vichar.
-If one gets ruci that life itself one attains Bhagavan.
-Repentance that japa isn’t done is sign of auspiciousness.
-About Tilak & Mudras


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