-Bhagavan won’t do vilasa like a normal baddha jiva
-Bhagavan is sat cid ananda vigraha.
-How does one attain atma sarira?
-When prema gets matured Bhagavan will relish prema rasa.
-Gopi Gita & Gopis question Krishna about Prema.
-Business type Prema , Dutiful Prema.
-Story of Karna from birth upto his word to mother Kunti.
-Atma Rama & Apta Kama. Eg:Sukhadev Gowaami & Janak Maharaj.
-When Hladini shakti touches someone their heart will melt & prema manifests.
-Guru drohi & aparadhi & Ungrateful person. About haituki & ahaituki prema
-Krishna said Prema with you is nitya svabhavik swaccha prema.
-Deep anurag & anthakaran gets melted & tears from eyes are def’s of Prema.
-Lila of Radharani writing a letter to Krishna & writing to Herself.
-Gopis asking Krishna as to why did He give them difficulty.
-Utkantha mayi prema, Suhurd prema ,Vivek sunya prema.
-Prema is pure nirmal ananda.
-Did Krishna stayed in the place when gopis were crying in viraha.
-Krishna wants gopis prema to increase.
-Bhagavan relishes & makes bhaktas to relish


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