-Bhagavan is akhanda brahmachari.
-By Sankalpa Bhagavan had 16108 wives.
-By YogaMaya’s influence blood, flesh is seen.
-Meaning of svasti vachan.
-Advanced elevated devotees will face more difficulties.
-Prithivi asks back the body given to us.
-Saci Mata’s conversation with Mahaprabhu after He took sannyasa.
-Lila of Naradaji taking Krishna in charity from Satyabhama.
-Mahaprabhu has sent a vigraha of Him to Vishnupriya devi.
-Bhagavan sarira is cin maya.
-Bhagavan’s promise to gopis to clear of their debts.
-By listening to Krishna’s vamsi gopis have left all their activities.
-By looking at Sarad Poornima gopis uddipan came to Krishna.
-Mind is controller of senses & Moon is its presiding deity
-Krishna’s promise to gopis & His Lila in 6th,7th,8th year.
-Bhagavan & Gopis sarira is transcendental.

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