-Bhagavan is sat cid ananda.
-Gopis are Krishna’s antaranga sakti.
-When does jiva gets transcendental body & material bodies differ
-Every sense of Bhagavan can do all activities.
-Krishna is all attractive.
-Difference b/w Bhagavan’s transcendental form & material body.
-Difference b/w material men & women relation & transcendental relation between Krishna and gopis , queens of Dwaraka.
-Bhagavan compared with KalpaVrksha.
-Lila of Krishna protecting Arjuna from arrows of Bhishma Pitamaha & Bhishma Pitamaha glorifying Krishna’s blood as kumkum of gopis.
-Lila of Krishna protecting a priest from king by saying He has white hair & came in garland.
-Lila of Pridhvi devi taking the form of cow & praying before demigods.
-Brahmaji’s prayers to Lord Vishu for Pridhvi devi.
-Lord Vishnu sends a black hair & white hair. Who are these white & black hair.
-Bhagavan to show people does Indrajalik Lila & other to cheat asuras.
-Gopis sarira is also transcendental.
-Different types of Sringara.
-Bhagavan does Indrajalik Lila & other lila to cheat asuras.
-Bhaktas are made to relish & demons are cheated & killed.


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