-Radhaji teasing Krishna as Kaly & won’t associate with Him.
-Based on association one changes. Eg:Chandan.
-Lila of gopis not decorating themselves properly on listening to Krishna’s Vamsi.
-Krishna requests gopis to go back & serve their husbands.
-Gopis asks Krishna as how they can go as He has stolen their mind.
-Krishna is the topmost thief.
-Meaning of Jagannatha & Jagannatha invites all to embrace Him.
-Jagannatha maintains, nourishes & protects all.
-Krishna tells a story of women being chaste & fixed to her husband’s words got back her dead son from Aagnideva.
-Gopis then told Krishna as whom a brahmini serve the murthi of husband or the actual husband.
-How to serve guru when he arrives.
-Gopis say when param pati Bhagavan comes we should serve Him.
-Sadhu sanga & Hari Katha sravan needed for Bhagavath darshan.
-In Bhagavath it is written that through ear Bhagavan enters the heart.
-Bhagavan Katha is non different from Bhagavan.
-Story of a king purchasing 3 dolls each looking same but difference in colour.
-Just by hearing isn’t enough one has to think & practise.

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