-The most superior upasana is Vaishnava upasana
-Bhagavan is present in hari-katha
-Mother Yashoda celebrates Gopala’s birthday
-Story of a mouse turning into a princess
-Importance of samskaras. Past (praktaniki) and present (adhunika) impressions
-Guru , Vaishnava , Bhagavan avirbhav tithi is pavithra.
-About actual Bharat varsha culture.
-Panchopasana & Vaishnava upasana is best.
-Bhagavan Naam , Katha are non different from Him.
-Narada asks Bhagavan where do You stay?
-Indian culture of celebrating birthday.
-Lila of Yashoda Mayya celebrating Krishna’s janma tithi
& Krishna picking up lamps from river to give a lesson He will pick up baddha jivas from samsara samudra if they come near Him.
-Bhagavan gets satisfied even when we offer a lamp to Him.
-Story of a mouse caught with fire in front of thakur & becomes princess in next life & takes sadhu sanga.
-Human life is very rare.
-Lesson from Mahabharata that anything earned in wrong way will go away.
-One who doesn’t do Bhajan & doesn’t listen Bhagavath Katha is a fool.
-Joke about drama where Ravana role actor falls at Rama’s feet.
-Give samskaras to children like making them hearing Bhagavan Naam , Bhagavan Katha , Bhagavan Prasad.
-Bhagavan ananda swaroop , prema swaroop , rasa swaroop.
-Remember Krishna but don’t forget

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