Part 1

  • Srimad Bhagavatam 10.33.26 onwards;
  • Question of Pariksit Maharaja: why did Krsna, the establisher of the dharma, did something apparently contrary to dharma?;
  • Two ways in which Lord protects the sadhus (killing the demons and giving them darshan);
  • The reactions of the sadhus of Dandakaranya when they saw Lord Rama;
  • Bhagavan creates the rules, therefore only He can transgress them;
  • How the fire got cursed by the rsis to be “sarva bhuk (eating everything)”, but how he was purified for becoming the remnants of Krsna;
  • Story of the rich man having darshan of Banke bihari (the “small” beggar and the “great” beggar);
  • Story of the drama party that had to replace their actor of Ravana at the last minute before the play and they chose the cook “Dashananda” to play the role

Part 2


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