Part 1

-Importance of bhavana in kirtan.
-Exalted Vaishnavas will see transcendental bhava in materialistic poems as well.
-Mahaprabhu & Srila Rupa goswami seeing transcendental bhavas.
-All sakhis are expert in all kinds of services.
-BhaktiVinod Thakur’s main servivce karpoor seva.
-We attain Radha Krishna after getting transcendental body.
-After freed from designations potency in jiva manifets & will know swaroop.
-We are Gopis dasanudas.
-By Suddha sravan suddha kirtan will happen & then remembrance occurs.
-Without Radhaji’s Kripa we cann’t get transcendental body.
-How can Radhaji’s Mercy be obtained?
-Narottama das thakur prayers to Lokanath Goswami on being handed over to Sri Rupa manjari for Radharani’s service.
-After attaining transendental body jiva always thinks of nitya dham & seva.

Part 2


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