-Lila of Lord Vamana dev asking for tripad bhumi from Bali Maharaj.
-Brahmaji did archan of Lord Vamanadev’s feet & kept water in kamandala.
-Story of Indraji stealing horse from Sagar Maharaj ashvamedha yagna.
-Kapila Muni eradicates 60,000 sons of Sagar Maharaj.
-Naam sankirtan in Kali yuga & Naam sankirtan as yagna.
-How sadhus anger is auspicious. Eg:Naradaji’s curse on Nalakuvera & Manigriva.
-Kapila Muni showing mercy on Sagar Maharaj by saying bring Ganga to earth.
-Sadhu will give blessings to anyone who bends head down before them.Eg:Arjun with Bhishma Pitamaha.
-Importance of Ganga jal, Tulasi, Bhagavad Gita in the house.
-Durvasa Rshi’s curse to Ganga in swarga.
-Bhagiratha pleases Brahmaji & requests Ganga to come to earth.
-Ganga devi’s reluctance & Shivaji brings her to earth.
-Ganga devi’s other names in swarga , bhuloka & patala loka.
-Jahnu Rishi drinking Ganga & releasing through his thigh.
-Ganga devi forming 9 islands in Navadvipa.
-Ganga devi’s glories in purifying baddha jivas.
-Story of snake with its tail in Ganga after being attacked by Garuda.
-Hearing the glories of Ganges is equivalent to bathing in Ganges.
-When does a house becomes auspicious

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