-Oh Mind, stay in Vraja with humility & do Bhajan of Krishna.
-Give up deha-abhiman & have Radhaji dasi abhiman.
-What kind of transcendental body one gets depends on rasa & under whom service is done.
-One enters into madhurya rasa only under gopis guidance.
-Gandharva Bhajan & imp of prayers to Srimati Radhika for Kripa.
-Lila of Radha Krishna playing hide & seek.
-Radhaji asking Rupa Manjari as why she asked Her to hide there
-Srimati Radhika thinks painting of Krishna done by Chitra Sakhi as real Krishna.
-Radhaji scolds manjaris but not sakhis.
-Stay near sadhus & hear all this katha to get greed.
-Only by greed one gets vraja prema. Follow but don’t imitate.
-How deceit, hypocrisy, status enters into the heart of jivas & how do they go away.
-Shringara-rasa katha is very confidential & difficult to understand.
-How one rasa assists another rasa. Eg:Subala helping in Radha Krishna meeting.
-Manjaris only enter into confidential lilas.
-Bhandirvana Lila & Subala disguising as Srimati Radhika to mislead Jatila & Kutila.
-By doing bhajana one will realise

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