-Bali Maharaj gave a promise to Lord Vamanadev in brahmana form.
-Sukracharya’s advice & warning to Bali Maharaj.
-Bali Maharaj reluctant to hear Shukracharya’s advice
-Lord Vamana dev covers earth, sky , upper planetary systems with 2 feet.
-Indra approaches Dadichi Rishi for backbone to kill Vritrasura.
-Sibi Maharaj with Indra & Yama dharma raj as pigeon & eagle.
-Story of how Ahalya, wife of Gautama Rishi turned into stone.
-Gautam Rishi changed the sequence of yugas.
-Brahmaji washing the feet of Lord Vamanadev & about Ganges.
-Demons attacking Lord & Bali Maharaj pacifying them w.r.t daiva bala.
-Lord Vamanadev asked for the 3rd foot from Bali Maharaj.
-Prahlada Maharaja appeared there & his glorifications of Bhagavan.
-Why Lord took everything from Bali Maharaj.
-Bali Maharaj’s atma nivedanam in giving his head for 3rd foot.
-Bhagavan’s bhakta will not be proud of wealth etc.
-Bali Maharaj will become Indra in Savarni Manu Kala.
-Why Krishna is pleased with Indra & Kaliya but not with Brahmaji in spite of offenses.

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