-Hiranyakashipu backstory
-Lord Vamanadeva asks for three paces of land in charity
-Shukracharya forbids Bali Maharaja to fulfill Lord Vamanadeva’s request
-Jarasandha’s fights with Bhima
-Jarasandha’s birth
-Pumpkin is the cheapest vegetable in Bengal. It’s everywhere in parikrama
-According to the shastras falsity is never condemned in the following cases: when flattering a woman to bring her under control, when joking, in earning livelihood, when one’s life is in danger, in protecting cows and brahminical culture, or protecting a person from am enemy’s hands
-Examples of justified lie: a butcher searching for a cow and a man who lied about the whereabouts of a cow in order to save it; the organizer of a parikrama collects money for prasad, but in reality, apart from buying food, spends it on water, electricity, rent, contingencies, etc.

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