-Obstacles to bhakti: desire of prestige, liberation, mundane talks, asat varta
-Akas kusum theory (flower in the sky)
-Lila-shakti of Bhagavan arranges everything for Him
-Difference between inert and conscious beings
-Iccha-shakti of Krishna
-Brihad chaitanya, anu chaitanya
-Liberation is a kind of suicide
-Topmost hypocrisy that exists is a desire to merge into Brahma
-The most subtle desires of a sadhaka are like those most subtle stains on the Gundicha temple which were thoroughly cleaned by Mahaprabhu
-Sukha-aishvarya-uttara-mukti and prema-seva-uttara-mukti
-Bhagavatam is the emperor of all Puranas
-Story of a person living in Kashi who wanted to attain liberation but lost this desire as soon as entered Vraja-bhumi
-Sannyasi Thakur from Jaiva-dharma
-Stages of sannyasa: kutichak, bahuchak, hamsa, parama-hamsa
-If your heart is clean, you will get prema as soon as you touch the dust of Vrindavana
-Param-Gurudeva Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaja’s evidence: a jakal living in Radha-kunda manifested gopi form after he was killed by a dog
-Тhe more something is costly, the more it is valued, that’s why free of charge hari-katha is not valued

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