Part 1

Part 2

-Why Mohini avatar didn’t give nectar to demons?
-Deva Asura sangrama on the banks of Kshira Sagar.
-Bhagavan entered in battlefield & removed asuras.
-Indra vs Bali Maharaj on battlefield.
-Brahmaji sent Naradaji to stop the war.
-Shivaji’s desire to see Mohini avatar & about Her description.
-Mahadev glorifying Bhagavan.
-Shivaji’s chitta being agitated runs after Mohini avatar & embraces Her.
-Shivaji feels repentance & speaks about Mohini avatar in assembly of Rshis.
-Only Bhagavan can conquer lust.
-About Anthysti Kriya/Sraddha.
-Essence of speaking Bhagavad Gita is to invoke vairagya while doing sraddha.
-Bhagavan’s teaching about atma & body to Arjun.
-Naradaji asks Vishnu why dont You bring jivas who are like Your children to Vaikunta loka.
-Only Bhagavan can know everything in any language but not us.
-Bharatji conversation with his ministers regarding Lord Rama being the actual heir to throne.
-About Lord Rama’s sandals history.
-About Krishna’s anklet & Saraswati devi coming as Vamsi.


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