-Pray for the mercy of goswamis , Radha Krishna to get ragatmika bhakti.
-Mahaprabhu & His associates only can donate vraja prema & ragatmika bhakti.
-Based on whom we worship we go to that loka.
-Only shelter of Mahapraabhu & his associates gives vraja prema.
-Regarding offering to tahurji in vaidhi bhakti & raganuga bhakti.
-Bhagavan says He accept only seva & about Mauna avatar.
-Sadhana bhakti matures into bhava bhakti which then turns into prema bhakti after matured.
-By sadhu sanga & sravanam from sadhus sraddha will come.
-Even a moments association with sadhu is enough.
-Story of an old woman who comes to hear katha & feels good.
-Story of a person who listens from sadhu & repeats them while asleep to a thief (You came-Sit down-You stood up-You left).
-Laukik sraddha & paramarthik sraddha.
-Until we take shelter of Guru we wont enter into bhakti rajya


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