-Who wont come back in cycle of birth & death?
-2 types of deva janas & their detination.
-Jnani & his thought process.
-Characteristics of Jnani in brahmi sthitha stage.
-Story of a self praising muslim meeting santa mahatma.
-Shankaracharya’s prati bimba vada.
-Temporary Material World & the so called happiness in it.
-Why Bhagavan created this material world?
-Story of twins coming back from the army and meeting a girl who makes them kill each other.
-Maya entangles jiva.
-As long as enjoying mood is there one cannot go towards Bhagavan.
-Srimati Radhika in divya unmada dasa finding fault with Krishna in His activities
-Lord Rama’s beauty.
-Lord is created this world as this is His art.
-Fortune in coming to material world

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