-Yudhishthira Maharaj asked Naradji how will a grihastha like me get liberation.
-In grihastha ashrama one should do activities & offer to Lord Vishnu & serve santa-mahatma.
-Have whatever is necessary & not more.
-Which kind of stri to give up & how to engage a wife?
-Follow varnashrama-dharma & do yagnas.
-By worshipping Krisshna everyone’s worship is done.
-About 3 purusas Karanadakashayi , Garbhodakashayi & Kshirodakashayi Vishnu.
-Bhagavan will not accept the vigraha-seva if one has hatred towards others.
-Importance of brahmanas, cows & about false Kali-yuga brahmanas.
-Story of Lakshmi-devi cursing a brahmana.
-Karma-khanda, jnana-khanda has to be given up.
-One should do Radha Krishna upasana by staying in Vraja & don’t do dharma & adharma.
-Root is Bhagavan Sri Hari upasana.
-Accumulation of money & situations in corona time.
-Story of 2 friends where a friend gets back karma for killing his friend.
-By guru-seva one will get liberated.
-About sva dharma & para dharma


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