-Be far from the place of Chandravali
-Give up your ego and pride and feel affection for Vrajavasis
-Nature of brahmanas is to always ask for offerings. Lakshmi devi cursed them for that
-Principal and secondary names of the Lord
-Atma-rati, apurva-rati
-If you desire anything other than bhakti then this is hypocrisy
-Gurudev chastises Param-Gurudev’s disciples who speak babaji katha
-Don’t be lazy to chant holy names. Example of Narottama Prabhu, who could not find time to chant because of the large amount of seva and tied his choti to a rope to wake up if he fell asleep during chanting at night
-Never show up your japa-mala. Showing it off is like exposing the Deities.
-Keep japa-mala near your head when you sleep and it will wake you up to chant


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