• Varnashrama-dharma is the privilege of humans, not animals. It is the first step on the path of bhajanа
  • Real sadhus vs false sadhus
  • Attachment is a cause of bondage
  • If you lie to please Krishna, it is no longer a lie. Example of Ashvathama
  • Good qualities of a sadhu
  • Gaudiya Vaishnavas tapasyas are the days of Ekadashi, Janmashtami, etc
  • Grihasthas must do fire sacrifice at least once a year
  • Duties of varnas
  • Kings cannot collect taxes from brahmanas
  • Kshatriyas should help people in the times of calamities
  • Only brahmana can become a Vaishnava
  • A child’s honesty: “Daddy asked me to tell you that he’s not home right now”
  • Brahmachari should never ever speak a lot
  • Do not make massage and put oil on the wife of your guru and vice versa (SB 7.12.8)


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