• CC Madhya 6.7
  • Kaumara acharet prajna explanation
  • After 60 years old a man cannot develop and learn more
  • On Govinda das
  • Bhakta-bhagavata (jivanta-bhagavata) and grantha-bhagavata
  • Place (temple) and philosophy (books) is important in Kali-yuga
  • Prahlada preaches to his classmates
  • If you haven’t had time to recite the gayatri-mantras, you can do it 2 times in the morning or evening
  • 2 kinds of vision: kama-chakshu, prema-chakshu
  • Fight of Nrisimhadeva and Hiranyakashipu
  • Description of lions and tigers. A tiger is more dangerous than a lion
  • Speed of lightning and speed of thunder
  • Story of how a snake crawled to Gurudev in the night
  • Garuda fights with snakes

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