-First one has to submit oneself to Bhagavan.
-Reasons for occurence of disease to baddha jiva & sadhus.
-By suddha Nama prema will happen.
-By Nama abhasa (Holy Name semblance) all papas will be destroyed.
-Vaishnava’s saririk difficulty is ananda actually. Eg:Vasudev vipra.
-Conversation b/w Arjuna & Krishna regarding the burning of chariot.
-Sadhus were given disease so that disciples get laukik satbhandu priti by doing seva.
-Eg of Srila Madhavendra Puripad serving his guru Srila Ishwara puripad.
-Lila of Srila Sanatana Goswami getting an itching disease & unwilling to meet Mahaprabhu.
-When does actual Bhajan start?
-Shanda, Amarka conversation with Hiranyakasipu on the root cause of Prahlada Maharaj Bhajan.
-Srila Gurudev giving instructions for his sannyasis to give diksha.
-Who can give diksha & what are the qualities of a guru & who can be a real guru.
-Srila Gurudev defeating panditas & with humility says I don’t know sanskrit slokas , just served my gurudev & with that strength I’m speaking.
-About karma khanda , jnana khanda & upasana khanda(bhakti khanda)


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