-Hiranyakasipu’s conversation with Prahlada Maharaj after returning from school.
-Story telling about a small child’s simplicity.
-Story of a disguised person to get money.
-Shanda & Amarka’s conversation with Prahlada on how he attained intelligence of doing Lord Vishnu Bhajan.
-Jiva completely illusioned by maya & thinks in terms of me & mine.
-In Brahma 3 differences won’t be there.About sagata , sajatiya and vijatiya.
-Consciousness is purified in pilgrim places & in sadhu sanga.
-How association with materialistic people affects us.
-Story of Shravan Kumar w.r.t above.
-Shankaracharya’s philosophy in short & Vaishnavas rejecting it.
-Jiva liberates from maya after feeling himself as Bhagavan das.
-Jiva is independent like Bhagavan but lost it being illusioned.
-About Kafir. In Raja Neeti Saam , dhaan , bheda , danda.

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