Part 1

Part 2

  • We are now 28th Catur-vyuga
  • On Ramayana
  • Ravana is attracted by Vedavyati (Sita Devi in next life) and tries to harass her
  • Difference between aptakama and atmarama
  • Shukadeva Gosvami goes to Janaka Maharaj to get the certificate of eligibility to listen to rasa-lila
  • Shukadeva Gosvami was not disturbed by Janaka Maharaja’s wife Sunayna’s beauty
  • Sita Devi appearance from the plow
  • Chaya Sita
  • Draupadi is a next manifestation of Sita (that’s why came out of fire)
  • Lav and Kush
  • Sita Devi enters into Patala


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