• 4 mahavakhyas of Sankaracarya are correlated with trinad api sunichena, naham vipro nacha nara patir
  • Brihad caitanya, anu caitanya
  • Fire and spark of the fire
  • Tat padartha, tvam padartha
  • Soul does not suffer, only mind and body
  • Vasishtha-Dasharatha samvad
  • You will be able to show respect to others when you do not demand respect from others
  • Think long and hard before you do something bad and quickly decide to do something good
  • When you do not demand honour of yourself, you will see the Lord everywhere
  • Only by nama-sankirtana one can realise transcendental God
  • Chanting the holy names alone behind closed doors will not have much effect. All angas of bhakti require sadhu-sanga
    -Atma aloof from gross & subtle bodies & how pains & pleasures are felt.
    -Dasarath Maharaj discussion with Vasishta Rshi on Lord Rama’s coronation & how Kala chakra changed everything.
    -amanina manadena in sarvam khalvidam brahma
    -sarvam khalvidam brahma–everything came from Brahma.
    -Uttama MahaBhagavath vision is that all jivas are serving Bhagvan as per their qualifications & rasa.
    -kirtaniyah sada harih in Prajñānam Brahma.
    -Prajñānam Brahma — Aprakta Prema Bhakti is Brahma Swaroop.
    -Only by Nama sankirtan aprakta Brahma swaroop will be realised & not by scholarship.
    -Gopis asked Uddhava from which Brahma he came.
    -Nama sankirtan in sadhu sanga & eg of Haridas Thakur

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