-In Akshaya Triti there wont be any loss. -Which is an inauspicious day as per worldly people & as per Srimad Bhagavatam. -When will the house be purified & becomes Goloka Vrindavan. -If you cann’t chant atleast keep your children names like Ajamila & call them. -About Laukik Satya & Paramarthik Satya. -Misconception of fools on death for Bhagavan. -By serving Lord Vishnu all demigods will be pleased & respect demigods. -Wealth to be used for Bhagavan’s service. -About 3 monkeys each one closing one sense. -Ravana lifting Kailasha avoiding pranams to Lord Shivaji. -Meaning of AUM. A — Krishna/Vishnu U — Srimati Radhika M — Jiva. -How to chant mantra. -Meaning of diksha & svaha.

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