• Question: Are physiological practices useful or useless?
  • Human life is very rare
  • Vrindavan is made of cintamani
  • Chant holy names before you go to sleep and you will have sweet dreams
  • If you chant the holy names in faith, they will give you everything
  • Question: Is it possible to preach as a psychologist in meetings with visitors?
  • Question: I heard that the samadhi of Jesus Christ is in Kashmir, india. Is this true and was he really resurrected?
  • Question: If a devotee wears kanthimalа but is a guru-aparadhi, will the vishnudutas come after him? Answer: Yamadutas will come. Question: Some special Yamadutas? Answer: Are, same Yamadutas ))
  • Story of Srila Narayana Gosvami Maharaj’s disciple coming back to life after heart attack (Yamadutas brought him to Yamaraja by mistake)
  • Question: Why Mrigari had such a strong guru-nishtha though he saw Narada Rishi only once?

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