• 3 types of sadhus: 1) bhagavat-parsata-deha-prapta; 2) nirdhuta-kashaya; 3) murcchita-kashaya
  • Lord Kapiladeva urges His mother Devahuti to listen to hrid-karna-rasayana-katha
  • Rasa-lila-katha is the topmost powerful katha but should be listened with firm faith from uttama-uttama bhagavata (SB 10.33.39)
  • Meanings of the name Vishnu
  • Тhe great sadhu changes our life and immerses it in Кrishna only if we surrender to the sadhu
  • The story Mahaprabhu told Sanatana Gosvami: Narada Rishi and Mrigari Hunter
  • When the sadhu’s thumb touches the little finger of the same hand, he gives a blessing in this way, and when he raises both hands, he gives protection
  • When Tulasi, Ganga and Giriraj Govardhan leave the material world, it will be destroyed
  • 8 types of tulasi-seva
  • Sri Vrinda Devi Ashtakam
  • 15 years ago in France some people accidentally came to hari-katha instead of casino, but they refused to take maha-prasad
    The power of maha-prasad
  • Narada Rishi and Parvata Rishi came to see a former hunter
  • Adhyatmika, adhibautika, adhidaivika


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