• Question: How to learn to love yourself and how to do it right?
  • Question: How to develop love for God?
  • Krishna bhakti janma mula hoi sadhu-sanga
  • Always associate with exalted Vraja-rasika sadhu
  • Ripen seedless fruit of Srimad-Bhagavatam
  • Question: Why Sukadeva Gosvami perform at the beginning the lila that he was an impersonalist?
  • Question: How can we know our svarupa?
  • Question: Is there any evidence in the scriptures that Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati took sannyas before his Gurudev’s photo?
  • Gurudev jokes about holy rivers naming the present devotees. All holy rivers are present while there is hari-katha. Where is Sarasvati? Where is Ganga? Where is Triveni?
  • Question: How to better meditate on Radha and Krishna while chanting japa?
  • Srimati Radhika is raseshvari
  • By practicing bhajan and sadhana, you will gradually forget your gross body, then your subtle body and finally realise your atma-svarupa

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