– Stay in your own varnashrama-dharma and follow your duties. Otherwise – if you follow others dharma big problem will come – On Brazilian mangos – Every jiva has its own potential (svarupa) – Guru does not cleanse a disciple’s heart directly. He makes it through hari-katha – śṛṇvatāṁ sva-kathāḥ kṛṣṇaḥ (SB 1.2.17) – martyo yadā tyakta-samasta-karmā (SB 11.29.34) – No harm if you do not know a sloka by heart but you have to know its meaning – Listening to hari-katha and other types of sevas are equally important You should be smart to be able to combine listening to hari-katha and other seva. But if the main seva (e.g., cooking) suffers, we must give it priority Bona fide guru is always uttama-mahabhagavata – Guru, shastras and mandira are three important things – Paramarthika-parampara, bhagavatiya-parampara – Srila Gurudev told: ‘All my sannyasis can give diksha-mantras’ – Gurus are not appointed. They are self manifested personalities. – Question: if Guru is in the lila of sickness and somebody gives harinama on his behalf, who is the guru then? – Question. What about initiation by Skype? Is it shabda-brahma? Why is listening to hari-katha directly better than listening to a recording? – Reading books gives only knowledge, jnana, but listening to shabda-brahma gives realization, vignana – Question: When we came out of tatastha-shakti we were incarnated first as human beings or as animals? – Question: Is listening to hari-katha а service? – Question: Is kripa-siddha different from sadhana-siddha or the same? Why do sadhana when you can get everything by the mercy of the Guru? When you go to the guru to hear his hari-katha, it is bhakti with a cause, but when you go just to see him, it is causeless bhakti

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