Part 1

-Manah Siksha teachings regarding the desire for pratishta in mind. -About Gundicha Marjana Lila.Different types of anarthas & aparadhas. -If you aren’t free from anarthas you willn’t attain Krishna Prema. -Sadhana Bhakti is to cleanse your heart. -By Nitya Siddha’s Mercy the rays of their bhava will arise in heart. -By 11 senses one has to skillfully broom to remove dirt from the heart. -It’s not so easy to get taste in Hari Katha. -On top of Sandhini sakti Samvit & Hladini will come. -Bhava comes by Kripa of Bhagavan & Bhakta. Then you will get Prema. -Lust,Anger might go away but pratishta willn’t go naturally. -Even if pratishta goes away still desire for mukti remains. -Take upadhi from Vaishnavas & respect it. -Story of Bharata keeping Lord Rama’s paduka on simhasana. -About Chaukidar, zamindar , simhasana. -Joke about chastising one as animal & that person says he is lion. -About father , Pleasing father pleases pitra loka.About Arjun’s daiva bala. -Srila Bhakti Dayita Madhava Goswami Maharaj wrote in letter that Vaishnavas gave him a position even though he considers him unqualified. -Whether you are given a position or not you have to do service.Sevak has no rest. -By Bhakta’s Ullasa Uddipan will come for Vakta.Srila BhaktiSiddhanta Sarasswatipad giving Hari Katha in Radha Kunda. -In Jagannatha Ratha Yatra Uddipan comes to Mahaprabhu by looking at Jagannatha. -Vakta 3 types Uttama,Madhyama & Kanishta. -Bhagavath Katha is like ocean waves crossing the limits of shore & spreads everywhere. About shivaji Mandir in sea. -About Srila Tirtha Maharaj desiring free Vraja Mandal Parikrama.

Part 2

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