Question: How many times should we chant guru-mantra?

Explanation of Manahsiksa, verse 8

Bhava-dasa is kripa sadhya

Process of obtaining para-bhakti

Do not imitate rasa-lila, even in your mind

Question: How do we know from whom we should listen to rasa-lila-katha if we conditioned souls cannot identify the uttama-mahabhagavata?

Question: What is the difference between sadhana-siddha and kripa-siddha?

Examples of krips-siddha: Lomaharshana and Baladeva Prabhu, Narada Rsi and Mrigari

3 ways of mercy: by words, into the heart and by glance

Meaning of the word kripa

Question: What is the aim of sadhana?

A joke about the garland for Nrisimhadevа

01.14.28. Question: You explained that vapu-seva should be performed with mamata, but what is the manifestation of mamata in vani-seva?

01.16.50 – 01.17.50. Question: If we meditate on Srila Rupa Gosvami, does it mean we associate with him?

01.18.00 – till the end. Question: How to decrease duplicity and hypocrisy?

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