– Who is a sadhu? How does the sadhu speak? – How does sadhu-sanga help the conditioned souls? – Story of Narada Rishi Mercy on Hunter (Mrigari) & transforming him to a sadhu. – Tulasi is Bhakti Devi. Serve Tulasi Devi by Offering water to Tulasi, doing Parikrama to Tulasi, doing stava sthuti to Tulasi,Touching the Tulasi leaves. – Along with chanting check the type of food you are eating. – If you do bhajana and sadhana & associate with sadhu, your life style will change. – Chant holy name & don’t criticise any sadhu. – Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said if you want to conquer the Lord with love don’t criticize anyone. – Without complete surrender at the lotus feet of sadhu how possible shuddha-bhakti will manifest. – If you don’t chant gayatri-mantra how sambandha-jnana with Guru & Krishna will come. – Diksha means transcendental knowledge will come & all your sinful activities will be destroyed from the heart. – About sravanam, kirtanam , smaranam. Smaranam is more harder. – 5 process in chanting gayatri-mantra. They are mantra artha chintanam, mantra adhisthatri devata, nyaya, samudra, prapatti sharanagati & atma nivedan. – Difference between prapatti, sharanagati & atma nivedan

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