On how Srila BV Vamana Gosvami Maharaj met his guru, Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada

Guru and Krishna are your real mother and father

Srila BV Vamana Gosvami Maharaj perfectly cut vegetables

Аn amazing story of Sajjan Sevak brahmachari’s wet clothes instantly dried

It is not the disciple who seeks the guru, but the guru who seeks the disciple. For how is it possible for a blind man to find a guru?

If there are some calamities in your life, pray to Lord Nrisimhadeva

Lila of how Srila Vamana Gosvami Maharaja had been protected by Lord Nrisimhadeva on the train

The curse upon the Yadu dynasty

Srila Vamana Gosvami Maharaj delivered many ghosts

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