– Yuddhisthira Maharaja wants to perform rajasuya yagña;- Good things, do them promptly; bad things, postpone them;- Ravana wanted to do a stairway to heaven;- Call your enemies to do good things together (Yuddhisthir called Kauravas to help in the rajasuya yajña);- Duryodhana and Duhshasana were in charge of giving the donations, Bhima and Draupadi were in charge of the cooking;- The “victory bell” of the raja suya yajña was not ringing because still one saint was left to take prasada;- Every step one takes, being devoid of ego, towards a saint equals to the fruit of millions rajasuya yajña;- The offense Yuddhisthira committed to the saint seeing him taking prasada;- Glories of feeding a saint and giving gifts to him;- Acyuta gotra (vaisnavas are beyond consideration of race and caste).

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