– Meaning of “deva”;- Our meeting and separation is according to the influence of time (example of the islands, the bundle of grass, the birds in the tree)- The restlessness of Krsna in the rasa lila;- Krsna coming as a peace messenger to the Kauravas;- You need to cross the river of material existence but you have no “money”;- Harikatha makes you renounce;- Krsna manifests different forms depending on the devotee;- The speciality of the service that women can do;- Uddhava glorifies the birth of the gopis;- How the sound influences us;- How to know who is a mukta purusa? iha yasya harer dasye sloka;- Gurudev is hungry, but you want to do his puja first;- We can attain this prema if we are under the guidance of the gopis (and Gurudeva), vaisnava dharma = anugatya dharma;- Only prayer: mamottamasloka-janesu sakhyam (to be friends with the devotees of the Lord);- Are we married to the same person for 7 lives?- Samskaras impel us to act;- Glories of having a vaisnava son (story of Kardama Muni and Devahuti);- To do bhajana with desires?- About marriage.

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