– Original Svarupa: Naradiya gopi;- Narada doesn’t create quarrel, he increases the love;- Service in gaura-lila as a grhastha Srivas Thakur;- Son of Srivas gives up his body in the middle of the kirtan;- 5 places in which Mahaprabhu is always present;- Srivas’ mother-in-law and the brahmachari who used to drink only milk who wanted to see the nama-sankirtan lila in Srivas Thakur’s house;- What is the purpose of renunciation and mauna-vrat (ārādhito yadi haris tapasā tataḥ kiṁ verse);- Narada’s service in Dvapara Yuga: he inspired Kamsa to kill all Devaki’s sons and, at the same time, inspired Krsna to go to Mathura;- “Narada” means that he can enter anywhere without being stopped;- Llila of Narada asking to Krsna for him to give one parijata flower for His best queen;- Lila of Narada thinking he has conquered the lust and asking the “hari mukha” to Lord Visnu (main cause of the Ramayana).

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