4:22 question (what to do when sinful thoughts come to mind ? How can we can overcome the tendency to judge others? 8:25 lila (Chapal Gopal and Srivas Thakura) 16:00 question (in tatasta shakti jivas are fully developed?) 17:08 question (even form ?) 20:35 citation (jaya jaya harinama – Bhaktivinod Thakura) 25:28 question 30:00 question (how can one can chant if he is apart from sadhu?) 36:00 question (how to give up association from those who criticized guru and vaishnavas) 37:21 sloka (vaishnava ninda) 37:28 question (if that person it’s your mother) 47:07 sloka (karnya kariyan ) 49:20 lila (gopi’s college)


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