Playlist - Darshans 2020

29/12/20 – Definition of Diksa PART 2. Surrender

– Diksa-kale bhakta kare atma samarpana (CC Antya lila 4.192); – The body becomes transcendental (example of the snake changing its skin); – Example of heating a piece of iron in the fire; – About surrender and its symptoms; – Proverb: an old bamboo cannot be...

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28/12/20 – Sri Guru Disciple Etiquette (morning darshan) – Brazil

– Give respect to bhagavatiya-parampara and pancaratrika-parampara – What to do to someone who received diksa from not bona fide guru or not bona fide sampradaya? – If a person has accepted diksha from a bona fide guru but still does not follow his instructions, does it...

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25/12/2020 – Morning Darshan – Q&A – Brazil

Part 1 – Vani-seva is higher than vapu-seva – Those who doubt the authenticity of holy places and the Lord’s pastimes are atheists and offenders – Importance of book distribution – If in doubt, ask Gurudeva – The elders should show love and concern for...

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