• Sukriti, shraddha & nishtha
  • Eagerness in spiritual life comes by listening to hari-katha
  • SB 10.1.4
  • Prayer from ‘Shri Prarthana’ by Shrila Narottama dasa Thakura
  • Samskaras

00:00 question (what happen when sukriti is mature), 5:25 question (so this eagerness is coming from sukriti?), 22:10 question (eagerness is coming from sukriti), 32:47 question (when you are here, we listen to you, but when you aren’t should we listen from the internet and your books?), 33:35 question (what is the difference between sukriti and samskara?), 38:28 question (one can collect the sukriti but not the impression), 45:12 question (Krsna clean the heart of the disciple?), 49:55 question (one who touches the water of the Ganga attains Vaikuntha, but if one who wants to go to Goloka what will happen?)

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