• Harikatha is Krishna Himself
  • Krishna is very happy when someone glorifies Vrajavasis
  • Mind is like ghost, one must engage it
  • Vaidhi bhakti & raganuga bhakti
  • Aparadhas

00:00 question (why Hari katha is most powerful), 00:28 lila (when Krsna went to Kurukshetra and answered the risis and munis), 12:05 question (is there a sequence to learn slokas?), 31:46 lila (Duryodhana offers to Krsna many preparations in Hastinapura), 50:43 question (what means hunger and thirst in this sloka?), 56:18 upakhyan upadesha (cat sitting in the bank of the river waiting for the river dry so you can cross), 1:01:10 question (what is the method to learn slokas?)


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